1-304-645-1494 May 23rd 7:00AM - 7:00PM

2020 Rules and Regulations

Please review all Rules and Regulations pertaining to the event! If you have questions please use the contact page to inquire further information. You are responsible to knowing all rules prior to the start of competition.


$50 per person

Project Healing Waters Veterans FREE

$10 per person per meal if you wish to eat at the weigh-in

$25 per person for bunk style camping at the youth camp if interested

All fees can be paid on TourneyX when registering for the event

Tournament is May 23rd, 2020, with Pre-Registration May 22nd, 2020Make up date TBD.

  1. FLY FISHING ONLY. No Conventional tackle and/or bait may be used at any time on the water. Violators will be immediately disqualified.
  2. A team can consist of up to 3 people, only 2 competing anglers, with one designated oarsman if applicable.
  3. All fish must be caught and released, and should be handled and treated accordingly.
  4. Only Smallmouth Bass will be counted for the official results.
  5. Methods of fishing can consist of boating, float tubes, wading, or a combination of these methods.
  6. ***Watercraft must be propelled by oars, free drift, etc. The us of electric motors will be reserved for persons disabled and unable to self-propel their craft! Please be honest!!!***
  7. For a fish to be “measurable” the fist must be a minimum of 10 inches in length.
  8. All eligible fish must be properly measured on the Hawg Trough and have visible identifier in each photo. ( Identifier will be provided if applicable.)
    1. There will be a $15 fee for any broken, lost, or stolen Hawg Troughs.
  10. It is the participants responsibility to go on http://www.tourneyx.com and register as an angler and register for the event. If you need help, PLEASE ASK!! ( We can help you if you inquire prior to the event at pre-registration.
  11. Photographs of fish must be uploaded to TourneyX prior to 7PM to be judged.
  12. There is a 5 fish limit per person, 10 fish limit per team. YOU CANNOT USE YOUR PARTNERS FISH TO REACH YOUR INDIVIDUAL LIMIT.
  13. Anglers are responsible for their own cellular device and cellular data access to upload their photos to TourneyX.
  14. If an angler needs assistance uploading their photos to TourneyX, you must be at the weigh-in no later than 7 PM for assistance.
  15. Ties are broken based on the largest fish caught. If all fish are the same size in the tie, then the angler who submitted their largest bass first breaks the tie.
  16. First Cast is 7 AM and Last Cast is at 7 PM.
  17. Check in will begin at 6 PM at Greenbrier Youth Camp at Anthony on the 22nd of May. All participants will register and obtain their measuring board, identifier, and the rules and regulations, as well as review all rules and regulations, and fish measuring procedures at a (Captains Meeting)
  18. Morning Registration will be May 23rd from 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM at Simms Exxon of Lewisburg for the ones who were unable to be at registration on Friday May 22nd.
  19. If you attended the May 22nd Registration you DO NOT have to attend the morning registration on May 23rd.
  20. All participants are to be checked-in in person at Greenbrier Youth Camp no later then 7:30 PM on May 23rd. Any participant arriving after this time will be disqualified.
  21. Areas eligible will be any put in and take out locations between Cass and the Confluence of the New River at Hinton.
  22. Anglers must have a valid 2020 WV fishing license, and comply with all boating, fishing, and natural resource regulations set forth by the State of West Virginia.
  23. Angler MUST have in their possession a PFD and must be worn at all times

***Make up dates will only be used in the event of the water being to high and unsafe for boating activities. This will be monitored prior to the event and emails will be sent out to all registered anglers if a cancellation would have to take place.***